College of Agricultural & Life Sciences, School of Business, School of Education, School of Human Ecology, College of Letters & Science

Preparing For The Fair

CAREER FAIR PREP NIGHT – The Featured All-Campus Career Fair Prep Event!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Pyle Center – 702 Langdon St (Building Location)

Room 325 & 326


(Open to ALL MAJORS across campus )

*Sponsored by SuccessWorks at the College of Letters and Science, Wisconsin School of Business (BBA), College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, School of Human Ecology and Wisconsin Alumni Student Board (WASB)

Event Overview: Company reps attending the Fair will be on site to meet with students 1:1 to assist with reviewing resumes and assisting with questions surrounding their Fair experience. Career Advisors will also be on site to coach students 1:1 through elevator pitches and conducting quick 15-20 minute consultations about any burning questions. A drop-in presentation will also be occurring to assist with more student prep and tips outside of the Career Advisors and company rep interactions. A wide array of resources will also be available to grab and take with you. No RSVP is required to attend this event. Simply bring a resume, your questions and come as you are! This is a drop-in format and you may attend at anytime during the event and take advantage of the offerings for which you best see fit.


SCIF Student Guide Final

Business casual and business professional attire are both welcomed and accepted for the Fair.

The keys to a successful career fair experience are preparation and follow-up. Here are some ways to get prepared:

-Research the list of participating employers through The Fairs App and Handshake
-Get your resume reviewed at your school/college career center
-Participate in employer networking events, mock interviews before/after the Fair, hosted by your School or College (check Handshake Events)
-Prepare your 30 second introduction
-Make sure to bring copies of your resume!
-Don’t forget to ask for business cards at the job fair so you can follow up with thank-you notes.
-When you arrive at the fair, make sure to get your head shot taken and receive any last-minute career advice from UW Madison Career Advisors at the Student Prep Station.

Need to do a deeper dive into your career exploration? Meet with a Career Advisor before the Prep Night! Schedule a 1:1 appointment by clicking on the link below with your respected School or College:

College of Letters & Science

College of Agricultural & Life Sciences

School of Human Ecology

School of Business

School of Education

What skills or traits do you look for in candidates?
What is your company’s hiring timeline?
What are some of the key responsibilities of this job/internship?
What is a typical career path for someone coming in at my level?
What kind of training program does your organization have? Formal/Informal? Short term/Long term?
What is a day like in this position?
What type of formal education is required for entry-level, mid-level, upper-level, positions?
Do people filling this type of position work in a structured or non-structured environment?
How is performance evaluated? How often?
What degree of task variety would a person see in their first year?
What opportunities did you take advantage of while you were in college to help you prepare for your job?
How much client contact do you have?

– Make eye contact when introducing yourself to employers. Shake hands firmly and pay close attention to what the representative is saying.
– Show a level of knowledge about the organization and industry.
– Be enthusiastic! Smile and project interest in the company. Tell them why you are interested!
– Ask representatives for their business cards and how you should best follow up. Find out who the contact person is.
– Make notes as you leave each company you’re interested in for further conversation and thank you emails.
– Know your availability for the day after the Fair and the upcoming weeks in case the employer wants to schedule an interview.
– Attend pre-fair networking and mock interview events!