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Virtual Career Fair FAQs

Employer FAQ

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Has Handshake thought of how the virtual fair features will accommodate needs of small local employers as well as larger employers?

Scheduling will honor employer preferences. For smaller and local employers we will recommend group sessions to reach as many students as possible. A large employer may have the resources to send multiple representatives that can create 1:1 availability throughout the day.

Do all employers need to set up the time slots for 1:1 appointments with students?

Handshake will provide templates for employer schedules, but each employer will have the opportunity to adjust this based on their preferences.

Can employers customize the way their booth looks with logos, etc.? 

Employers will be able to customize their registrations (booths) similarly to how they customize their Handshake profiles today. We are considering pre-recorded videos as another branding mechanism for employers registrations.

Will there be an opportunity for a company to host something on the departmental level?  For example, a company that may hire engineers primarily, but also might have a marketing department booth, and an HR booth, and a business analyst booth, etc. 

Yes, employers will be able to set schedules per representative and connect those schedules to relevant positions and preferences.

Other companies who provide this platform limit the number of fairs they will hold per day, so the platform isn’t overloaded. Will you be doing this, and if so, do I need to make a reservation with you?

There will be no limit on the number of concurrent fairs that can be run based on platform capacity.

Interviewing FAQ

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Will interview days be integrated into the virtual career fair experience?

Scheduling will be a part of virtual fairs! These schedules will support 1:1 and group interactions.

Will your virtual fair have the option to do an interview day with pre-selects?

Pre-select interviews on the day after the fair will not be built into the virtual fair feature. However, you will be able to create a pre-select interview separate from the virtual fair, just like you can do with in-person fairs today.

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Spring 2021 Handshake updates for employers.